Follow-up & Communication

What is follow-up?

Generally, follow-up means monitoring member companies progress in implementing Ethics and Compliance Programs.

BCAC then reports on this progress to its members and a wider public to promote anti-corruption practice in the private sector.


Follow-up includes: regular assessment of progress in implementing Ethics and Compliance Programs and identification of problems faced by the companies; Tailored support to adress concerns raised by coaches or other experts (TI Cameroon, NACC…); Processing complaints about corrupt acts through the CONAC’s autonomous whistle blowing system; Sharing experiences on the BCAC’s virtual platform.

Communication is done mainly through:

  • Dissemination of information via the BCGG’s website
  • Two communication events a year
  • Press articles

Who does the follow-up & communication ?

  • The Project Manager is responsible for relaying information between different actors
  • The coaches are responsible for monitoring member companie’s progress and reporting to the Project Manager
  • Member companies are encouraged to share their experiences and expertise