BCGG offers training on ” Why and how to create a culture of integrity within a company.” More specifically, BCGG proposes an approach for developing and implementing ethics and compliance Program in business. This training also provides a platform for exchange and networking between companies engaged in the fight against corruption.

We offer training through capacity building and workshops, advisory support, and post-training monitoring.

BCGG’s resources

The BCGG has at its disposal a pool of experts and practitioners, and has developed toolkit in business ethics and compliance, including a good practice guide, training modules, an a collection of various laws related to the fight against corruption, all of which is available on its website.

Length of training

BCGG offers one-day training programs, but can also provide longer bespoke training programs to suit individual companies’ needs.

Our targets

Trainings is offered to all organisations established in Cameroon: Sub-contractors, subsidiaries and branches of multinationals; Small, medium size and large companies; Professional associations.